Jamaica Getaway

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Being stylish while having fun in the Jamaican Sun.

One of the many trips I took this year was going to Jamaica.  While I’ve been there before, this time around it was for a special event.  Each year they have the ATI/RTI event where all fellow Jamaicans and friends attend.  Usually they have local artist performances there and most of their events usually have a theme associated with it and are located mostly on the beaches in Negril.  Since most events were on beach, it was essential for me to wear a bathing suit that suits my body and as a classy woman that I am, I didn’t want to wear anything too trashy.  I’ve seen plenty of girls walking on the streets in Negril wearing skimpy outfits and all of the attention were drawn up on them.  Although me and my fellow party goer had guys screaming for our attention, we just kept it moving going to our destination whether that was going back to where we were lodging or to some type of event we were bound to.  We were two Fashionista Divas taking the island by storm and looked very chic at it.  Jamaica was a lot of fun and it was really nice going back to this place for a second time around during the past 3 years to experience the rich culture as well as the party scene.