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Neutral color block
Color block is a big trend that can be seen everywhere now.  Usually you see color block done with bright bold colors which are more popular.  However, on a recent night out of town while I was in Miami, I decided to go the neutral route.  I didn’t have to put layers on top of layers to do my color block, instead I opted for a vintage Guess by Marciano dress from my closet that does the work and threw on some nude Loubie shoes to finalize the look.
Simple rule to keep in mind when color blocking:
Keep it simple—Choose what you want to color block and keep the rest of your look simple!
Three is your lucky number—it’s best to keep it to 2 or 3 colors.
It’s ok to get loud with it—meaning if you wear bright colors, you can still look fabulous!
It’s also ok to wear a color that doesn’t necessarily go together but yet still look amazing.  However, if this wouldn’t work for you, then go for colors that are complementary (i.e. the dress I’m wearing).
Also depending on your body type, keep those in mind in order to look fabulous in a color blocked outfit :
Pear shape body—darker colors on the bottom
Apple Shape—Avoid horizontal blocks of color around the stomach area but highlight legs with color block (use bright colored tights).
Hourglass shape—color block around waist (draws attention to your womanly figure).
Experiment & have fun with it but don’t get carried away J


Guess by Marciano Spring/Summer 2009 Collection
Christian Louboutin Very Prive 120mm

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    • The Fashion Diva

      In the fashion industry, tall box shape body type is known as the rectangular body shape (a.k.a as the H shape). This body type looks very athletic and both bust and hips are about the same width. Also, there’s hardly any waist definition present on this body shape. This type of body shape can be seen throughout most of the models in the fashion industry as well as many female athletes.

      For this type of body shape, you want to stick with light and bright tops and dark colors over the waist. You also want to stay away from vertical patterns since they will make you appear more straight up and down if you are taller. However, if you’re on the shorter side, you can benefit from subtle verticals on pants and skirts.

      In general when you buy tops and blazers, you want to look for styles with many details such as beading, pockets, or ruffles. Also, look for styles that has a slight flare from the waist to the hips. This body shape looks more flattering wearing V neckline, polo, and scoop neck shirts as well. Also, avoid double breasted coats, but you can get away with coats with cinched waist and that has belt that tie around it. In order to give your body type a more structure look, use wider belts at the waistline.

      As far as bottoms, you can get away with wearing any type of pants and skirts. You want to make sure you have a variety of style from skinny, bootcut jeans with some fading at the thighs, and pants with flare cuffs to name a few. And with skirts, you can get away with style ranging from pencil, asymmetrical, circle, a-line, and pleated. You want to be careful or avoid straight mini skirts as this will make you appear too boxy.

      Hope that helps and let me know if you have any more questions.