TOP TRENDS for FALL 2012–Fashion Style Tips

FALL is already here and some parts of the country are happily enjoying the season’s cool weather; however some areas are still blazing hot.  Whether you’re located in a warm or cooler climate, here are the TOP TEN essentials you need to know in order to look fly this season.  I will focus on some of them in detail in future posts but for now, I wanted to give a high level magazine cover overview.

FUR—It was seen all over the runway (whether real or faux).  It was on collars, bolero shrugs, and mixed with other animal materials like leather and suede.
A poncho is a great addition to add that extra glimmer to autumn’s cool down weather look!
COLOR—Don’t save them for warmer weather!!!!  Make your Fall wardrobe pop by using color such as GREEN, BLUE, and PLUM this season.  For brighter colors, calm it by mixing it with black.  But, do stick with similar color patterns for an effortless look.
PEACOAT—A good investment even when the moment ends since it is timeless.  This season, wearing big and oversize collars is the ingredient for standing out of the crowd.
POINTY PUMPS—Especially colorful pumps and animal print/skin will take your Fall look to another level this season.  Wear them with skinny jeans, but not recommended with wide leg jeans.  They can also be paired with cropped pants, dresses, and skirts.

                © JDMazza 

OVERSIZE HANDBAGS—Colors and different textures of handbags were in this season with mixing patterns and material.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your clutches.  Grab those glam clutches and rock it both day and night for added twist to your look if big bags are not your thing.
PEPLUM—This style was hot for Spring 2012 and it is still good for Fall 2012.  It’s a wearable trend that has longevity!  Don’t limit yourself to skirts and dresses; try coordinating pants and tops for a chic versatile peplum look.
TEXTURES—Incorporate different textures into your wardrobe.  Fur as mentioned before is definitely a big-ticket item whether real or fake.  However, you might want to invest in luxe fabric as well to suit your personal style.  Also, items such as angora, cashmere, and mohair are known to make a big statement—as seen on the runway.
Don’t wear the same texture throughout; one piece is enough to make your wardrobe standout.
LACE/SHEER—This can be seen everywhere from dresses to shoes.  It is very flattering to most body types and gives a great sex appeal without revealing too much in some instances.
LEATHER—From indoors to outdoors, you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket, half jacket, pants, dress, and just about anything leather made.
GLAM—Most of the designers showcasing their FALL 2012 collection had some sparkle to some of their collection pieces, which means you should too.  You don’t always want to blend in with the crowd; it’s good to stand out sometimes! 

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  1. Cherrie J.

    Great tips girl!! Im looking forward to rocking my fur, leather, lace and pointy pumps this fall. I have also been drawn to ox-blood/burgundy which is also a trend color of the season. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂


  2. Jamie Q.

    I adore your fashion cover for this magazine it’s very classy and cute. This is excellent tips for any fashionista or anyone who is willing to give it a try. I definitely will keep these tips in mind.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Eye Adorer of Fashion