Beauty Chronicles: Red lipstick

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The color red represents several meanings depending on which context it is used in.  However, for the most part, it  makes for a bold fashion statement!  Whether you rocking red on the bottom of your soles or on your lip, you are bound to get noticed.  Tis’ the season to add a touch of red to spice up your entire look. 

Red lipstick is actually a universal classic color and looks fantastic on just about anyone depending on the shade you are using.  The key is to keep everything simple on your face, skip the heavy eyeliner if necessary, and just add mascara to bring out your eyes.  Also, go very light with the blush color for your cheeks and eyes. 
You also want to make sure you pick the right red lip color (this is very important).  If you have warm undertones, then you should go with a color with a brown base and be drawn towards warmer reds.  If you are on the cooler side, then plum shades will suit you better.  Also, before applying the color, it’s important to fill lips with a liner to prevent any bleeding.  I find it easier and useful applying the color using a lip brush as well in order to get the best color saturation.  Also, using a q-tip can be helpful to get precise lip lines.  I also blot my lipstick after the fact to help the color last longer!


   And ladies, don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of reds, you can always mix your reds with other colors for a unique look.

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