NeW YeAr NeW YoU 2013

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Another year has gone and a new year has just begun.  Every year, some of us want a fresh start, new goals, new hobbies, or just an opportunity to kick old habits.  We all have goals and dreams we would like to conquer.  But what stops us is the determination and the drive to actually go for it!  
This year, my personal goal is to be healthy, create and maintain a budget, and not rush through things.  I am a big advocate on health; consisting of eating healthy, exercising, and using natural products on my skin.  I believe beauty radiates from the inside out, and what you put in your body reflects on the outside.  
A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just apply to the physical parts of the body, but also mind and spirit.  When someone is physically and mentally healthy, they have a high confidence level and are motivated to do more.  Once you put yourself in the right state of mind, then you can make better decisions and act effectively on them.  
Financial stability is also crucial in our lives to achieve some of our long term goals.  It is important to always compile financial information and create a budget to prioritize and plan for the future.  When you know where your inflows and outflows of cash are going, then it’s easier to plan ahead and save.  Financial stability is key for long term success!  
Lastly, patience is key.  I admit, I like to have instant gratification and sometimes that gets me into trouble.  It’s ok if I don’t have the latest gadgets or the hottest designer shoes, handbags, or clothes.  But I know if I’m patient, some of these items will likely go on sale or something better might come along.  Most things in life usually require some sort of patience whether we like it or not!  So cheers to a whole New Year and may all of you achieve goals and desires set forth or at least working towards it!  
**Photos courtesy of JDMazza