Philly Fashion Week Recap

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Philly Fashion Week kicked off on Feb. 17 and ended on Feb 22.  I had a chance to attend the Haute Couture Runway show that Saturday since I was in town that weekend.  The timing was perfect as I frequently travel to Philly and just to have something to look forward to that I am passionate about was a big bonus.  There were many eye catching designs that caught my attention during the runway show where I can actually see myself wearing some of the looks.  When I initially entered the place of the event, there were live bands playing some of today’s greatest hits and, of course, drinks were flowing everywhere.  The venue was at capacity and I definitely think next fashion show season, the event should be held somewhere bigger and more accommodating to the audience in attendance.  I had a great time and the weather was just right for that weekend.  I wasn’t around for the fashion week kick off and all of the other festivities, but I’m glad that I was able to catch a glimpse of it with their last runway show.  For more information about Philly Fashion week, visit their website by clicking here.



I got my makeup done by one of the mac cosmetic makeup artists and my dress is by Herve Leger.  Also, my little red clutch is by Prada and shoes by Christian Louboutin.

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Haute Couture Runway Show: Selected looks I thought were nice

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