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This past Easter weekend, me and a friend migrated to central America to visit Panama City, Panama.  This is a trip that I was actually looking forward to as I’ve been working very hard at work and needed some well deserved relaxation.  My friend basically planned out our itinerary, and I am very thankful for that and trust her judgment as she is very adventurous.  Upon our arrival, we had our driver waving a sign with my friend’s name on it; so without further delay, I was happy to quickly get in the car to our hotel.

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We stayed at the Trump Plaza which was phenomenal.  The room balcony showcased a view of the ocean and nice breeze was flowing our way.  There was an infinity pool there; that we basically lounged in throughout our 4 day, 3 night stay.  Panama has so much to offer and since our stay was very short, we tried to make the best out of it.  We went to the beach on Good Friday (everything shuts down in central America) and we enjoyed a great day and ate there since there were local chefs cooking on the beach.  We hiked a mountain and zip lined, among other things, the following day.  I even bought back some mud mask as a souvenir with me (from the hot springs) since they claim it’s supposed to last me one year.  The mud mask has essential mineral and vitamin nutrients that is good for the skin.  I’ve already used it about 2x already and love the results so far…….still can’t believe I only paid $2 for it.  In terms of fashion, I would say people in Panama tend to wear very colorful attire and their style mirrors that of the US and European countries.  I felt that I blended right in with the locals as I hardly get to make use of my Spanish language skills and Panama was no exception.  I am definitely looking forward to going back in the near future.

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