Hello Bright–Japan Style

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I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Japan in May 2014 and while I was there, I tried to capture the right look to compliment the beautiful scenery around me.  This was my longest flight overseas and was very excited about a trip that exceeded my expectations!  Japan is somewhere I definitely want to return to, as there is so much to do and to see.  I enjoyed the wonderful food, the friendliness of the locals, and the ambiance.  Everyday I looked forward to the type of food I would have the pleasure to indulge in and the adventure that awaited.  I was blown away by how efficient the rail system was and the cleanliness of it and everywhere else.  It’s very busy there and I noticed a lot of professionals seem to always be on the go and let’s not mention how technology savvy the place is.  Definitely a wonderful trip of a lifetime and will share other post of specific experiences soon.  But for now, please do enjoy the various places I had a chance to go to and the various style I tried to capture by being there.

IMG_9565 IMG_9688 IMG_9684 IMG_9678 IMG_9670 IMG_9660 IMG_9640 IMG_9607 IMG_9597 IMG_9592 IMG_9584 IMG_9576 IMG_9573 IMG_9571 IMG_9567 IMG_9566 IMG_9552 IMG_9414 IMG_9383 IMG_9375 IMG_9287

IMG_9720 IMG_9326 IMG_9347 IMG_9351 IMG_9361 IMG_9363 IMG_9420 IMG_9315