Bogotá, Colombia–Summertime fun

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This summer came and went by as fast as it appeared.  I had a great opportunity to go to Bogotá, Colombia in July with my friend who was celebrating her birthday.  Most people I speak to seem to be terrified of the place due to its political unrest and drug history. However, if you put all those fears aside, then this place is a lot of fun.  The only thing that shook me up a bit was the hectic hustle and bustle of the street cars that appeared as if they were going to have a full blown collision if you blink an eye; but I was told that’s how Colombians drive.  The nightlife is great as well ,especially in the Zona Rosa region.  My friend and I attended this festive dinner engagement that turned into a night full of fun and dance.  We had a blast as it was very lively!   We stayed at the JW Marriott and the place was simply breathtakingly beautiful with so many amenities to offer.  I enjoyed the great indoor Jacuzzi as well as the lounge area with great breakfast and turn down service.  The security there was great as we had a private car taking us around town and picking us up at our time of preference.  We also had an opportunity to do a city tour and visit some of the popular museums and monuments that are important to the Colombian history.  Don’t miss out this Latin gem and visit if you’re looking for something different to do.

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