Not your typical baby shower

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During the month of August, I was honored to attend a fellow coworker’s baby shower.  She told me to come empty handed so I did. Not that I was intending to, but I was practically running late and had no time to stop at the store to even get her a gift card or even a card which I felt bad about. I will make it up to her once the baby arrives!  The place that her sister in law picked out was beautiful and the idea and concept behind it was brilliant! I’ve been to numerous baby showers and this one was by far one of the most unique showers I’ve been to; for the simple fact that it was so simple.  There were very little baby games that were played, but not just the traditional game people are accustom to.  For example, there were party favors to make your own baby onesie and decorate it to bring in some personality to it.  There were beautiful templates that were being passed out where the participants had to write down wishes for the baby and sign their name on it.   We all sat down at this beautiful  long table that was decorated quite nicely and had lunch and drank sparkling wine.  I was amazed at the level of details that was put into the baby shower, in terms of decoration that lit up the room.  The venue was a great choice as well and was situated in the heart of the affluent South Tampa area.20140816_123604 20140816_123727 20140816_124352 20140816_125710 20140816_125722 20140816_125910 20140816_125922 20140816_130008 20140816_130054 20140816_130144 20140816_130154 20140816_130206 20140816_130216 20140816_130222