The Accessory Show–Haute Runway Recap

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Everyone knows that accessories are an important asset to finalize any look; so it’s rightly so, that the fashion movement felt the need to showcase this on its own runway.  This is my second time attending this event and I made it my goal to learn about the designers, the inspiration behind their accessory designs, and how intricate it was to create it.  I came to the event early and had a chance to really focus on all the beautiful jewelries, handbags, bow ties, hats, and shoes.  I found out that there are many talents in the Bay area and across the country when I spoke to each of the creative artists and saw all their unique piece in the showcase.  There are some designers that traveled from several hours away to be a part of the boutique fashion runway showcase, and some even from across the globe.  I am so glad that the fashion movement highlights such an important fashion statement, as it oftentimes gets overshadowed by apparel only.  Accessories add flavor to a look and even make it standout; so it’s important to showcase such an underrepresented fashion gem on its own runway.

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