Niagara Falls/Toronto–Summertime wine down

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I love to travel and one of the places I’ve always wanted to go to is Niagara Falls and while I was there I figured why not go over to Toronto since I was at the Canadian border.

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If someone plans on going to the Falls, I recommend getting one of the Niagara Parks Adventure Passes. These passes are good for the entire season and get you into most of the attractions for one price.  While there, I was able to walk along the rapids, journey behind the falls, and ride on the Hornblower cruise which was an unforgettable experience. IMG_9789 20140718_175007IMG_9786 IMG_9781 IMG_9768 IMG_9753 IMG_9744 IMG_9739 20140718_160423IMG_9778IMG_9736

After all of the excitement at the falls; I continued on to Toronto. On the way up I drove through Niagara wine country and there were so many vineyards that a return trip is definitely necessary.


Once I got to Toronto I was very happy with what I saw and quickly parked the car so I could explore the city. The subway system is fantastic, and I was able to get anywhere I wanted to go with no trouble. Later, I had dinner at the famous CN Tower and it is something I definitely recommend to anyone visiting Toronto. The food was great, there was an enormous wine selection, and the views were simply breathtaking. The tower also had areas that you to walk on the glass and see the city below. Also, if you want to be really adventurous, you can even sign up to walk around the edge of the top of the tower and lean over the city below.




20140718_203944IMG_9818 A lot of things in Toronto are centrally located and the hotel I stayed at was literally in the middle of it all. I have a thing for hotels, where I like the best of the best at a fairly reasonable price situated in the heart of the city where everything is within reach. The service was top notch and the property was amazing as well.

IMG_9825 IMG_9828 IMG_9833 IMG_9819IMG_9802The green dress I wore is from Zara, the color block dress was from Herve Leger, the paisley top and blue top is from Marciano, and the shorts from Joe.  Sunglasses are from Chanel and Tory Burch.