MIA 2 the Bay Runway

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A fashion night affair at TPeppin’s Hospitality Centre…

This past Sunday I attended another fashion runway show of what I would call an “urban” fashion show.  The organizers for the event also held a similar fashion show earlier during the year that was quite successful so demand was high for them to come back and do an encore.  Unfortunately, I did not attend the first event but from hearing what others had to say, it appears that they captured the attention of many of the Tampa Bay fashion forward crowd.  Although, the crowd was not large by any scale this time around, I still thought this show was well put together.  What I find impressive is that they brought in former cast member of VH1’s reality hit TV show “Basketball Wives” Royce Reed to host the show.  She seems very nice in person and has a great personality.  I enjoyed the interesting fashion and the entertainment throughout the evening as I sat on the other stage with fellow VIP’s alike.  As for the fashion itself, I would say there was a little bit for everyone from the young to the mature adults who don’t mind leaving very little to the imagination.





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