Seoul – South Korea

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I had a great opportunity to go to Seoul in October and I quickly jumped on it.  Earlier this year, while on a flight to Japan, I was watching a documentary on Seoul and in my mind I thought how cool it would be to visit this place.  I never imagined that I would step foot on a plane again going on a 14 hour trans-oceanic flight again.  But my oh my, how I am glad that I was able to fulfill this dream destination and so happy it took place this year.  The place was beyond what I could have possibly imagined and the energy was so alive!  There is just so much to do in Seoul and being there a week did not do it justice; so it definitely merits another visit sometime in the future!  The Seoulite style was impeccable as I noticed they definitely pay attention to their looks and their style was customized to their personality.  They set their own trend and don’t seem to follow anyone else’s but theirs.  I love that!

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The food was amazing.  Most of the food was served fresh and my taste pallet was jumping for joy the entire time I was there.  The juices were blended from the fresh fruits and were not processed.  I did notice Koreans tend to eat their meat raw and they love barbecue beef.  I’m not a meat eater, so I couldn’t really tell how those would taste, but their seafood was great!  There’s plenty of different style of restaurants to satisfy a food lover’s taste bug.

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The fashion there is well noticed throughout Seoul, and in fact there are fashion boutiques all over the place.  There’s an entire block where you will find high end designers rightly name Rodeo drive which reminds me of Beverly Hills’s Rodeo drive.  In that area, I went to visit the Christian Louboutin store and came to find out, they only carry  up to size 37.5 as their highest and sometimes 38 if the shoe runs small.  I was told that typical Koreans average shoe size is 37.5 and that’s why they don’t order anything higher.  I guess that makes sense if the majority of the population have smaller feet, but what about those that are above average?  I’m sure they can go to neighboring country like China or Japan.  I don’t believe these countries operate within the same standard.

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While there, I also visited numerous art galleries.  I found them to be therapeutic as it allowed me to expand my mind and explore the artist’s journey.  They were all unique in their own right and gave me a deeper appreciation for the arts.  The different areas in the city of Seoul were all unique as well and I did a lot of walking.  Traffic is very heavy in the city, so it was important for me to travel using the public train to get to certain places quicker.  But some places were only a cab ride away and I didn’t mind to hop in one every now and then!IMG_0286 IMG_0291 IMG_0309 IMG_0310