Haiti; Open for Business…

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Haiti is the poorest island in the Western Caribbean hemisphere.  If this wasn’t bad enough, the island had suffered the worst earthquake catastrophic damage in January 2010, killing thousands of people and leaving several others homeless.  The earthquake really shook the island and set the country back even further.  However, after 5 years, there have been a lot of forthcoming changes to the island as it relates to aid relief, construction, and the most notable to date is tourism.  In fact, many people fear that Haiti is a dangerous country and the media backlash doesn’t help the cause either when all that is being shown is crime and chaos.  Understandably so, tourism in Haiti throughout the years hasn’t been so popular and visitors think twice about setting foot there unless they are part of a church group or doing some type of humanitarian work.  Well, this is slowly changing as there are more people who beginning to see the beautiful gem that the historic island has to offer.  Basketball stars like Dwayne Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union were recently spotted on the island vacationing along with another basketball player and his counterpart Chris Bosh and his wife.  Also, socialite Angela Simmons, the daughter of Run DMC’s Reverend Run was spotted vacationing on the island with some of her friends.  The island has come a long way from its turmoil earthquake. just a bit over 5 years ago, but it is slowly rebuilding.  I am planning on taking a trip there and will document my travel so be on the lookout for that soon!

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