Spring Time–Heavenly

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Spring is here and I am such a big fan!  Well, I live in Florida so the weather tends to resemble summer most of the time; but just the thought that the cool temperatures are far behind me is a good feeling inside.  What’s exciting about Spring is also the fashion!  Recently, Neiman Marcus hosted an insider’s look at the latest trend for some of the well known brands in the store and it was a hit.  One of the big trends I noticed is the Bohemian style that is slowly returning.  Another trend that is notable is the denim on denim look and oftentimes the color doesn’t necessarily have to coordinate with one another.  But my favorite is the all white look……ahhh so refreshing in my opinion, but yet it’s a style that is endless and classic and always will be in style every year.  There is just something heavenly about an all white look or even ivory or off-white.  Check out some of the elegant dresses from the Oscars in the beginning of the year showcasing these colors.



Kerry Lupita Zoe