Eye on Fashion – 2015

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This year’s Eye on Fashion event was bigger and better than ever!!  Every year, The Fashion Movement management team puts on a great show and coordinates every detail to ensure that it captivates the audience while highlighting the stylists and models.  This year, I must say, it was hard to have a favorite stylist as they all did a wonderful job putting together a great look.  What I also enjoyed was that some of the stylists incorporated their personal style into the look he/she was creating.  The energy and ambiance was electrifying and I must say a job well done to yet another great Tampa fashion event.

Runway 1

Runway 2

Runway 3

Runway 4


Runway 5

Runway 6

Runway 7

Runway 8

Eye 1

Eye 2
Tampa Designer

Eye 2


Eye 3

After Event