Philly Fashion Week 2015 – Ready to Wear

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On Thursday September 3, 2015 I sat front row to witness yet another great fashion movement; Philly Fashion Week 2015. There were some covenant designers that showcased their amazing talents on the runway at the Crane Arts building in Philadelphia, PA.  There were designers that took my breath away as each model walked down the runway in their designs. There were also some that didn’t, as I felt some of the garments weren’t speaking to me much.  I do have to point out that one designer that I was impressed with was the one that not only created regular sizes but plus sizes as well. Overall, I think most of the designs were exquisite and wearable with few exceptions to note.  There were couple of outfits that I noticed from other designers that were a bit revealing and some I would put in the haute couture category. Nonetheless, I think the show was well put together and organized.

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