New Year–What’s Next?

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ImageIs it me or do the years seem like they’re flying by so fast?  It seems like yesterday I remember ringing in the New Year for January 2015, and now it’s January 2016.  I remember something my high school teacher told me now it seems like a decade ago.  She said watch the years fly by the minute you walk off that graduation stage and boy was she right!  Each year, I often reflect on what I am going to accomplish in the new year and what are some of the things I lacked the previous year that I need to work on.  This year I decided to focus on really working on my business ventures that I’ve been putting aside forever it seems like and also prioritize what’s important to me and tackle each of my goals and see it come to fruition.  Sometimes we all say things that we wish we could accomplish or make excuses but one thing I do realize is that there is enough time during the day and we all have the same amount of time so why is it some of us get more things done while others choose to slack off?  I do think that some of us lack ambition while others are just procrastinators who don’t have anyone holding them accountable to what it is that they should be liable for…it’s good for us to have an accountability partner that check in on us to ensure that we are indeed tackling some of the goals we set for ourselves.  I tend to read a lot of self help books and watch many videos that encourage me to move on to the next level since I don’t have someone I can call on to make sure I follow through with my goals; so I must ensure that I am my own cheerleader by getting as much as I can from those sources.  We all have to embrace each year as a blessing as some of us don’t live to see it; and many take it for granted.  May this year be the year where if you want to begin on a journey, you set full force on making things happen or steps to get to where you need to go.  No one’s life is perfect, but by setting measurable achievable goals, the sky is the limit!