Philly Fashion Week – The Luxe Men’s Runway

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DSC_2473 (Custom)On Wednesday September 2, 2015, I attended The Luxe Men’s Runway fashion show in Philly located right in the heart of downtown at the Ritz Carlton.  The show was a bit longer than I expected (would expect that of a women’s show); however, there were many talented designers that were eager to show their collections so for some the longevity may not have been an issue.  One thing to note too is that I think they would not lose some audience members if the show was kept to an hour maximum, and maybe perhaps going over 30 minutes if necessary.  I noticed several folks were leaving and simply hanging out at the Ritz Carlton lounge for drinks, etc towards the latter part of the evening.  The male models, I must say, had great physiques but some of them seem a bit shy and did not appear to have that “it” factor to sell the clothes they were modeling.  I do think, however, that for future shows the designers need to be careful of the model selections that walk their designs in the show.  I love the setup at the Ritz and think the location was fabulous; but would love to see improvements done to future shows based on what I observed.  There were many talented designers but some of the garments were more suited for the punk/rock, hippie, and younger crowds in their early to mid 20’s age group.  I didn’t see a lot of variety for male in the 30’s-40’s age group category.  The theme for the show this year was all white affair (for the audience) and needless to say, not everyone was following the dress code!  However, the ambiance was nice with the exception of couple of the kinks noted earlier.

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