A World Class Dance Cheerleader Team–DCC

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JacieWhen it comes to professional cheerleading, there’s no other more known and publicized team than yours truly American sweetheart; otherwise known as the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleaders (DCC).  They are exceptionally talented and are better than your average.  Heck, they are more than good; they’re excellent!!!  In order for potential hopefuls to make it to the team, they have to not only have dancing techniques but also have to look good in the oh so unforgiving uniform.  The uniform is about 3 yards of fabric and very revealing.  Also, a great look and personality can go a long way as well!  A girl can get cut by not having the right look in a DCC uniform.  Their body has to be well proportioned and toned.  All the girls have to be in shape and have to meet the standard weight for their respective height.  For example, if a girl’s height is 5’9″ then she’s expected to weigh in just about 136 lbs.  A girl cannot be too thin either so a well balanced diet and a great toned figure with regular workouts is key to maintaining a healthy look.  Many girls on the team are encouraged to go to college and some even have professional jobs outside as well.  Being on the team is a privilege not many people are fortunate to have since the selection process is so intense.  Thus, compensation is very minimal so the ladies are encourage to have outside income if possible.  For many professional dancers and especially cheerleaders, this is their dream!  Once they have made the team, then they know they have been chosen for the best of best!  Usually rookies auditioned before the summer and veterans also have to come back for a performance showcase as well since their spots are not guaranteed.  Normally, only about 20 if not less (and sometimes more) rookies are chosen and roughly about 26 (number varies each yr) veterans get to come back.  They go to training camp for grueling practice session to perfect each routine and that’s where cuts are made on a weekly basis.  This is why once all final girls are picked, they have chosen the best ladies to perform for the football season!