High End Fashion meets Cuba

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This year it seems that there’s a big buzz around Cuba, so big in fact that every so often something exciting is going on or someone is there visiting for the cultural experience. Hearing about this makes me so envious to hurry up and go there already. The last thing I would expect is a fashion show to be held there, and this is not just your typical fashion show, but it’s the House of Chanel hosting its Cruise 2016/17 collection. As a fashionista and a traveler myself, I love the combination and admire Chanel for organizing something so electrifying and grand. This is the country’s first international fashion show and for Chanel to be on the forefront of this is a big deal. I found out about this event scrolling through my Instagram page earlier during the week and saw glimpses of it from people who were fortunate enough to get an invite.

chanel8I must say looking at the various pictures of the event showcases Cuba in a romantic and glamorous viewpoint. The place is very aesthetic and photographs very well; each of those images definitely depicts that from what I can see. The country had its political uproar throughout the years and just recently, the US reopened its embassy there showing signs of future growth and business opportunities for companies to enter in on all of the action. Cuba has an exciting future ahead of itself, however most of the people there are poor and some bring in income of about $20/mth. With this in mind, Karl Lagerfeld was inspired and made the collection with the island vibe in mind amidst the fact that he has not been there prior to the fashion show. I do however, love the attention it is bringing to the country and fashion always connects people no matter what part of the world they reside in. Who knows? maybe there will a Chanel boutique to follow!

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