Lupita Nyong’o redefining Beauty

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lupi2I took notice when Lupita Nyong’o busted into the fashion scene when she won the academy of award as best supporting actress in the movie: 12 Years a Slave.  She is the epitome of class, and her beauty is not your typical lighter skin, straight hair ladies you often see in the media portrayals of black people.  She is a darker tone beauty and her hair is coiled in its natural stage without it being permed nor pressed.  Her skin tone is always glowing and looks flawless!  I’m happy to see someone of color getting so much praise and being glorified for not just outer beauty but for her inner beauty as well.  She speaks very eloquently and the words that come out of her mouth are inspirational.  To me, she is like a walking billboard that advocates for women everywhere that your dream is indeed valid and you don’t have to take no for an answer for what you desire in life.  I admire the fact that she’s also a cover girl that graces some of the world’s best known magazines and looks good doing it too.  Lupita is a role model for every girl (especially those of darker skin tone) who feels that they don’t fit the typical stereotypical beauty people are encouraged to follow.  I hope to see more beauties like her breaking barriers and leading the way for others who don’t fit a certain mode of what the standard of beauty should be.

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