Philly Fashion Week 2016: 9/19 -9/24

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Philadelphia, PA

Philly Fashion week has come again and as usual it didn’t disappoint. The latest designers showcased some of their best designs and at brand new location enabled them to really demonstrate what they had to offer.  The location was a lot bigger, a common complaint from past events, and had a lot more room to move about. Furthermore, parking was easier to come by in this new location.  I had the chance to attend the Runway II event on Saturday and had a great time which is a good thing. There are many events we attend throughout the year and events that are not enjoyable do not make the cut for the following year. I am happy to say that Philly Fashion Week is on the “must attend” list for 2017.  I think all the designers this year did an amazing job and their collections contain some pieces that I could even picture myself wearing.  Check it out: