Havana – Cuba 2016

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Cuba is a place that I have always wanted to visit.  But living in the US, it almost seemed impossible to go since there were many restrictions.  This year however, since the a US President touched down on its land in decades and right afterwards, almost overnight it seems, just about all of the major airlines in the US started having daily flights there.  It seemed that my fantasy to go was becoming more of a reality and it was only a matter of time until I jetted off there. However, I wasn’t really proactively planning my trip to go though until I saw that Chanel had their Cruise 2016/17 fashion show there on May 3, 2016.  This immediately sparked my interest to go again; and since I love fashion I was so jealous I was not one of the few fortunate folks to have an invite.  I immediately went online and started eye gazing on all the attendees and the luxurious fashion forward looks that were on display and let’s not forget about the aesthetic colorful vibrant look of Havana itself.  Fast forwarding a couple of months down the line and my dearest travel partner found an amazing deal that was just too good to pass up, but I had a conflict with the travel date that was proposed so yet again, I had to put it in the back burner. I am very persistent and when it comes down to getting something that my heart so desires, the law of attraction quickly steps in and voila, this trip was made possible this December 2016 shortly after my Birthday.  Havana was everything I wanted and more!There is nothing like it, and unlike some other islands of the Caribbean it’s truly a gem that was sort of frozen in time. From the classic and colorful cars driving all over the streets of Havana, to the cathedral type architecture with balconies; it’s simply breathtakingly beautiful. We were hosted by locals that lived about 30 minutes from the city and occupied their 2 bedroom downstairs with patio and a view of the ocean that was just a short distance away. We had a housekeeper that cooked fantastic breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout our stay and not to mention we managed to get in a little bit of pampering while there as well.The highlight of the trip was the salsa lesson we got from one of the local dancers teaching us how to dance salsa; and that evening, we went to an actual club with live music and put those moves into practice.  I could go on and on about this wonderful short trip, but I feel it truly ends 2016 just right. I definitely plan on returning in the future to check out other cities on the island and see what they have to offer!