Gianvito Rossi – Comfort Luxury Shoes

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First, let me just kick off this post by saying that I’m super excited about this sought after luxury shoe designer. His shoes are well made with high quality and are comfortable to wear. Nowadays, it’s so rare to find comfort and quality combined with high-end designer shoes.

I was first introduced to this designer when my friend, who owned several pairs, began raving about how she admired his style. It wasn’t until one time I was at Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet and spotted one of his exotic skin design sandals on a clearance rack that I actually took notice. Although it was size 40 which seemed out of reach, since it wasn’t my size, this one was so slim and elegant that I just had to put it on. Lo and behold to my surprise it actually fit! From then on, I started my shoe relationship with Gianvito Rossi. My next pair was another exotic skin plexi pump that I found on an online retailer and ordered it in a size 39.5 thinking that since the 40 fit, this size should fit too… Needless to say I was wrong and it was a bit big unfortunately but it was the last pair and loved it so much, So I made it work and now wear them with inserts. Since then, I added a couple more other styles to my collection, in my actual size of course! I am a size 39 in most of his pumps (still a half size bigger than my normal 38.5 Italian size) and pushing towards a 40 when it comes to his sandals.

I was reading a bit more on this designer and found out he actually grew up in a household that was in the shoe making business. Shoes have been apart of his whole life since his dad is Sergio Rossi. So it’s no surprise that he learned throughout the year; he also incorporated it into his collections and the architecture of his very own line. He is now the fastest growing, sought after luxury designer brand; go figure, his shoes are comfortable so there’s no surprise there!

In his own words, here’s what Mr. Rossi had to say:

“If I’m going too fast, it’s dangerous. We’ve had constant growth, but my focus is always on quality first. For me, it’s the most important thing.”

“You need to stay close to the product and verify every single step of the process. The way you design is also important. You have to think about what you’re doing in a physical way,” he explained. “You can design something that’s strong or eye-catching, but if a woman wears it once and doesn’t want to wear it a second or third time, that’s not high quality. I want to produce something that has originality, modernity and a timeless feeling.”

I truly hope that he continues to make fabulous, practical, and high quality shoes that are comfortable because he just scored a loyal fan for life. I really admire him for what his core beliefs and values are when it comes to shoe making.