Spring Break around the corner

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It’s almost that time of the year where Spring is right around the corner and with that comes warmer weather.  If you’re someone out there who is in college, or know someone who is, or even have kids then you know about spring break.  As someone who resides in Florida, I always know when it’s Spring Break because of the influx of people that suddenly travel here.  Most of them are young but I can’t help but notice the difference.  Living in Florida, I think most folks take things for granted since we have so much. Other people actually appreciate these things when they come here to visit.  Obviously it depends on what part of the state you actually live in because depending on where live there are big differences.  I think Miami Beach is super popular for various reasons.  We have the gulf coast (Clearwater Beach and St Pete Beach), the Panhandle (Pensacola, Panama City Beach, etc), central Florida (i.e, Orlando), and the West Coast (Naples and Sarasota). I normally don’t have any major plans around Spring Break time frame but this year I am exploring couple of options. Stay tuned!