The Great Pyramids of Giza

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I had a wonderful opportunity to visit one of my dream destinations this past May.  The destination i got to visit this time was the Great Pyramids of Giza. It was a larger than life experience when I saw those pyramids up close and personal. I was super excited because it seems so surreal to be in the presence of such magnificent architecture that’s over a thousand years old. Upon arriving in Cairo, the evening prior, I had a guide that was waiting for me accompany me through customs and chauffeured me to the hotel. And behold, once I arrived I was astonished to see how lovely my room was which was suitable for a goddess. That’s when I knew that I belonged and my short dream journey was actually real. Each minute of the trip there simply seemed so unbelievable.


The weather was hot and dry but that didn’t bother me one bit because the scenic view was enough to offset the sensation. The next day my tour guide picked me up to go on our pyramid journey, we quickly made a pit stop at the Nile River where I was in pure amazement. In my head, I’m thinking: “Wow I remember reading pages in the history books about this” and realizing that I’m finally here was the icing on the cake!!!