Santorini Greece

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I had a wonderful opportunity to travel to the beautiful and highly sought after Greek island of Santorini back in May, and it was a fabulous trip! Santorini is somewhere I’ve always dreamed about going but I never fathomed that it would be dropping in my lap so soon. This all became possible when a friend told me she was going to a floral master class and invited me to come along with her and a few other ladies. I did not hesitate and said yes since I knew this would be a trip that I could not miss; as when an opportunity like this comes, I knew I had to make it happen. After several months of planning the day arrived and we were on the beautiful Island of Santorini! The first night we stayed in an apartment size home with a big Jacuzzi in the backyard. After the long 12 hour flight, we popped a wine bottle open, unwound, and relaxed the rest of the evening having had dinner at a wonderful restaurant in the hours preceding. The next day, our driver came and took us to our next spot which was a luxury villa with open ocean view scenery. That view was one of the best I have seen in awhile and it was simply breathtaking. The water was sapphire blue, and the air felt fresh.                                                                                                                                                

When the ladies were in their floral master class, I had the opportunity to visit a local winery, walk around town, and take amazing photos of all the beauty that surrounded me. On the final night in Santorini, the ladies had an all white celebration soiree where they showcased all their efforts with their floral work. We were served a delicious meal, great drinks, and the music that was playing set the mood just right. Again, a great trip with great company and lasting memories. Go check out my friend Victoria’s site for all things wedding related. I’m so proud of her for making an investment in her business to take it to the next level! I know without her invitation to come aboard this journey, Santorini would have just been a dream waiting to be fulfilled.