Wait A Minute—Lipstick File

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A few months ago I attended the makeup show in Orlando and found several goodies.  I shared some of them with my friend Amelia and she wanted to share her feedback on the lipstick she’s been rocking, here’s her testimony:

The name of this lipstick is “Wait A Minute”, 16F1 matte lipstick by bdellium tools. When I wear this particular lipstick, I receive many looks that say, “Wait a Minute”, but I feel empowered. I would dub this shade as Power. It has a beautiful deep bold red and it has staying power through drinking liquids all day with little to no reapplication needed after a meal. I even purposefully slept in the lipstick and when I woke up the next morning it was still as bold and beautiful as if I just applied it. The lipstick packaging is durable and has a magnetic close.

It’s safe to say this lipstick is a must for the on the go busy woman, especially if you are jet setting across the globe and don’t have or want to be constantly checking yourself. This is a win win; so I’ll say go ahead to your nearest beauty depot and check out “Wait A Minute!”