Total Eclipse of the Sun – 8/21/17

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On Monday the 21st of August, the solar eclipse that everyone heard and knew about took place approximately 2:34pm EST. For me, this was my first time experiencing this phenomenon and I didn’t want to miss out! With my eclipse glasses in hand, I decided to personally indulge in all the festivities by traveling out of state where I could experience 100% coverage known as totality. A friend and I flew to Atlanta the day before and drove approximately 2.5 hours to the nearest location (Tallulah Gorge) where we could experience the celestial event. As the sun cast a crescent-shaped shadow, it was only a matter of time until we experienced totality. We noticed the temperature started decreasing and it was much cooler than the hot and humid temperatures we experienced a few minutes prior. As the moon perfectly aligned with the sun, finally we experienced totality! It was beautiful and unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime. Pictures cannot justify how beautiful and breathtaking this was. This was a phenomenon one can only see and appreciate with their naked eyes where it is occurring. Everyone around us were cheering and clapping as the excitement built up. Check out the pics from photographer Karen M who graciously shared her pics from her camera which is much better quality than those of our smartphones.

Before I forget, we were able to use points on Southwest that allowed us to travel back home free from Atlanta. My friend found a fantastic deal on Frontier for about $40 going to Atlanta, while I used my Delta mileage points on the one way leg going there. So in essence, my round-trip flight only cost me about $10 (service fees). We stayed at the Marriott Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel for and rented a car from Enterprise for just about $100 for the 2 days. All in all, it was a budget friendly trip that did not put a dent in our pockets that enabled us to experience an once in a lifetime event.