Irma’s Wrath

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As Floridians, we are not immune to hurricanes; however it’s been several years since we had a direct hit until Irma. I can recall seeing Irma on the news shortly after the devastation caused by Harvey that hit Texas, specifically the greater Houston area, couple of weeks prior. Not long after, there was talk about Irma not being a big threat since it was brewing on the coast of Africa heading towards the Caribbean. But once Irma crushed several Caribbean islands then that’s when some of us here in Florida began to panic as this storm might have a potential impact on the state. All of a sudden media coverage of the storm became rampant. So much so to the point that some cities in Florida already started to evacuate as several of the spaghetti models of the storm showed that it was coming for us directly. Fast forward to the night before the big impact to the state of Florida on September 9th.

My family decided to stay in a hotel instead to bypass the storm and that was the best decision for us as the home we have in Orlando was impacted and we lost power for 5 days. At the hotel, we were comfortable, ate, and never lost any power. In fact, I did not hear any noise or winds while inside. It was as if we were isolated from all of the madness that was going on outside. The hotel had limited housekeeping service but that was not an issue to us at all since our safety was priority. We ate good and were in the comforting presence of our family. Hurricanes are not something people should ignore when it’s heading your direction. I believe people should not take it lightly and should make sure that their family safety takes priority and make the right decision by going somewhere inland to avoid any major catastrophe if the area or home is deemed unsafe. Preparation is key and this goes for anything in life in order to avoid headaches in the long run. On a side note, it will definitely mess up a lot of travel plans for most, but be cautious about planning that wonderful Caribbean vacation around hurricane season because this is a gamble you may not win.


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