24 HR Quick Getaway

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Oftentimes we work so hard and don’t get a chance to unwind and relax. Some of us are too complacent and just tend to go with the day to day norm and don’t try out new things. Have you ever thought about a quick weekend getaway? To some, this may sound expensive and not achievable; Little do people know that with proper planning, a quick getaway is within arm’s reach. Airlines have gotten really competitive and some of them offer last minute deals for as little as a week in advance. Long gone are the days where you have to plan months ahead of time to go somewhere. Now you can decide within a week’s time frame (sometimes shorter) on a getaway. Hotels have caught up with the rave too as some normally still have plenty of vacant rooms; so in order to attract last min travelers, they lower their rates. Recently after hurricane Irma occurred in Florida back in September, I decided to branch out and explore a new environment without all of the chaos around me. I found a fantastic deal on United and I quickly jumped on it. This was with just as little as 4 days planning beforehand, so yes you can definitely find something last minute. I found a fantastic hotel to match as well and off I went. Check out the pics below of my quick but very fun last minute trip away from the aftermath of Irma.