Quick hits – San Francisco

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Happy Holidays everyone! Before this year was over one of the places that I’ve wanted to go was San Francisco.  This place was always on my to go visit list and finally I had a great opportunity to visit although it was very short. To start off, me and my travel guru found a fabulous one way deal on Frontier which was about $36 with tax included that we quickly jumped on. Then we started hunting down a reasonable rate at other airlines for the other leg of our trip. We ended up finding a fare on United for under $180. This was followed by the hotel which we kept eyeing like a hawks to see if the rates would somewhat go down which it did rather slightly. Once everything was booked and confirmed, we were ready for take off. Upon arrival, we quickly settled in and our adventure awaited. We booked a private city tour which was very informative. Our tour guide stopped in all the major San Francisco sites and we even roamed the Muir Woods which was incredibly energizing. I had a great time in there and I feel that it helped me refuel.  The Muir Woods are wonderful and I recommend them to anyone who enjoys the great outdoors and nature to visit and spend some time there. That same evening, we had a delicious meal at McCormick’s to continue my birthday celebration. The following day, we visited Alcatraz which was one of the best audio tour I’ve seen in awhile and had a great time. Overall, the short trip was great and well needed. Anyone could pull off a quick hit as I like to call it when it comes to travel. Planning and patience is key! As I mentioned in an earlier post, last min deals (one month ahead in this case) are not impossible and certainly can be pulled off. Check out some of the highlights in the pics below: