~~HaLf DiVa, HaLf AmAzInG~~


                        a.k.a DiVaMaZing


I live and breathe fashion every day.  I never try to leave the house looking a mess.  When I wake up, my hair sometimes is all over the place and I may or may not be wearing anything depending on the weather getting out of bed.  However, once I take a shower, I always put myself together to look my best. 


At home, I would skip the makeup but I will throw on some boy shorts with a tank top or mini dress just to lounge around in.  I don’t wear too much clothes at home as I want to be as comfortable as possible.  However when I go out, I hate to see the same person rocking what I’m wearing as I want to be unique.  This is one reason why I wear vintage clothing or designs from past seasons, yet still hold their elegance and glam factor!  



When Guess launched their upscale line Marciano in the summer of 2004, my name was written all over it!  Back then, the line featured clothing pieces ranging from silk chiffon fabric, jeweled bras, glitzy and bedazzled tops, dresses and jeans made with intricate beading details.  I was in love with the line as every piece that I owned were very unique and not to mention all eyes would be on me wearing their clothing to a special event.  I can take some of their clothing pieces from the office, to cocktail, followed by a party and still would look amazing!  Several pics of me you will see feature Guess by Marciano wardrobe especially their dresses.  Aside from that, I also love shoes, handbags, accessories and let’s not forget coats.  I believe that a coat is an essential wardrobe piece for every women living in a seasonal climate just like owning a little black dress.  I have a wide variety of coats, jackets, and trench that transform my wardrobe in the Fall/Winter/Spring season.  I am very fond of trench coats and believe that its look is classic and clean and in my opinion will never go out of style.  In addition, handbags (whether it’s a small clutch) and accessories pull your look together for a polish clean look.  I would describe my style as ultra glam!  I love to mix different pieces for a unique look and love fitted clothing that shows off a woman’s curves.  Herve Leger different bandage dresses are to die for!  Although I don’t own many of his pieces, I do adore the very few items of his that I own. 


Tall Heels, red bottoms

You won’t see me in less than a 4” heels unless I’m giving my foot a break from wearing high heels on a frequent basis.  In which case, I would wear flats and I even own some 3 ½” heels.  I would mostly wear these shorter heels to the office for work but in between days, I would pull out my 4”-6” heels to wear on occasions.  I adore my Manolos and Louboutins; however, I’m a working female on a budget and can’t always afford the luxury to buy these lines on a frequent basis.  Yes I do own more than one pair in each of these brands but each year or on few quarterly basis if I catch them on sale, I would sometime splurge a little. 


I am not loyal to any brands and always like to explore different trends and new designers out in the fashion world.  I like trends that I know will hold its longevity and won’t be dead the next season.  This is the reason why I don’t try to buy something too trendy.  I don’t have a closet full of clothes that is tucked away somewhere to never see the daylight again.  All my clothing still fits and I always like to have choices and options to use them for any occasion that meet its purpose.  With that said, I am always selling clothing on eBay.  Selling on eBay allows me to get rid of clothing that have exhausted its usage and no longer excites me.  This enables me to replace and keep fresh inventory of clothes in my wardrobe.  I also frequent outlets and online department retail stores to find bargains in high end line. 



I am an advocate for keeping healthy mind body and soul.  I maintain a regular exercise regimen as well as eating a healthy balanced meal.  I love to travel and enjoy the beautiful culture of all the places I am blessed to visit.  I have big dreams and big visions and work hard to bring them to reality.  I also love to help people in the community as they bring me enrichment. 


I live and breath fashion because it’s a big part of my life from my home décor to personal style and how I decorate various things.  I believe style allows all of us to explore our identity in its uniqueness.  I am starting this blog page for everyone to have an open forum to discuss anything style related whether it’s home, body, and of course fashion.  Feel free to inbox me any fashion related questions , issues, or if it’s an outfit you trying to put together and don’t know where to begin from start to finish.  I and everyone else who is following this blog is here to help.  A community with a strong presence in opinions is better than one single voice.



The Fashionista, DivaMazing

Mísha É.