Festival of Speed – Exotic Cars, Private Jets, Collector’s gems

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I was so excited to attend the Festival of Speed in Orlando last year in December for the first time. It was top notch event and did not disappoint in the least. I was unable to attend the Sunday showcase … Continued

The Lights Fest – Lantern

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The other day I attended this incredible event in Pasco county’s Dade City called The Lights Fest. My adventurous friend told me about it and made sure I saved the date on my calendar months ahead. I had no idea … Continued

Quick hits – San Francisco

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Happy Holidays everyone! Before this year was over one of the places that I’ve wanted to go was San Francisco.  This place was always on my to go visit list and finally I had a great opportunity to visit although … Continued

Dîner en Blanc – West Palm Beach Edition

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This past weekend I attended Dîner en Blanc, an amazing outdoor all white dinner soiree filled with entertainment and fun! It’s a picnic dinner that took place outdoors and an event that happens all over the country and worldwide. The … Continued

24 HR Quick Getaway

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Oftentimes we work so hard and don’t get a chance to unwind and relax. Some of us are too complacent and just tend to go with the day to day norm and don’t try out new things. Have you ever … Continued

Irma’s Wrath

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As Floridians, we are not immune to hurricanes; however it’s been several years since we had a direct hit until Irma. I can recall seeing Irma on the news shortly after the devastation caused by Harvey that hit Texas, specifically … Continued

Total Eclipse of the Sun – 8/21/17

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On Monday the 21st of August, the solar eclipse that everyone heard and knew about took place approximately 2:34pm EST. For me, this was my first time experiencing this phenomenon and I didn’t want to miss out! With my eclipse glasses in … Continued

Girl’s Trip Fashion File – Regina Hall

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I know by now most folks have seen the Girl’s Trip movie.  It was hilarious and funny to say the least; what captured my attention is the fashion for one of the leading ladies Regina Hall’s character Ryan. I love … Continued

Wait A Minute—Lipstick File

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A few months ago I attended the makeup show in Orlando and found several goodies.  I shared some of them with my friend Amelia and she wanted to share her feedback on the lipstick she’s been rocking, here’s her testimony: … Continued

The Bomb Life – What does that mean?

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In this day and age, we have so much influence around us in regards to social media. We are bombarded with images of people that are well to do but is this really their reality or are they living an … Continued


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